Our approach to hiring


Discover your tech recruitment agency partner - one that guides, supports & advocates for your team, as you'd want

We work as an extension of your operation - a supportive partner throughout. 

We’re adept at hiring across software engineering, data science, AI, ML, product, design, delivery, ops and senior leadership roles - plus much more - for permanent and contract staff.

Our expertise come from guiding startups, scaleups, SaaS providers, internal technology teams and open source software providers over many years. We relish a challenge!

We take care to first get to know you and your team objectives, around which we form hiring plans that engage the best people for your aims.

We can work in harmony with your own recruitment methods and we’re happy to support bursts of hiring for a specific project.

You are welcome to run anything by us re. any aspect of hiring in tech - e.g. planning, pay, process, tactics, availability of skill, job ad drafts - and we'll do our best to be a useful sounding board. It's a nice way of getting to know each other, even if you don't need us right away. 



Our approach, in more depth

Startup friendly approach - you'll find us adaptable, knowledgeable and understanding from the early days through to maturity - an extension of your own team, we help you grow beyond the founders

Scaleup appreciation - your hiring needs will evolve and mature as you grow - having hired through many scaleup cycles, we can help you diversify and grow in ways that balance your values and culture with your ambitions

Progressive employers embracing change can count on us to guide you through shaping new roles, entering new markets, or hiring in-demand skills - together we bring the roadmap, transformations and digital strategies to life

Focused on fully understanding your aims, values and needs, and then delivering - we can pair on team structure planning, writing JD's and compelling jobs ads, hiring processes, information-gathering and more - we're a supportive partner and here for the journey!

Inclusive and realistic approaches - we co-author job ads together, building a meaningful career proposition, one that's really accessible and that amplifies your employer brand to build awareness and trust - aiding diversity and career progression across your teams

Proactive in applying the latest ML-based search methods for sought-after skills - your plans may entail a targeted search + messaging based approach - and we're readily adaptable to unusual, deep tech and niche hires, we relish a challenge!

Caring - we know that job hunting and interviewing can be stressful, so we always aim to be kind, fair, and supportive - giving a positive first impression of your organisation

Respectful - of the values, situation, limitations, and aspirations of the people we engage with - and we're always open to feedback

Attentive - job searches and hiring processes can be fluid situations and entail incomplete information - so we always strive to ensure no one is neglected or left feeling uninformed

Responsive - your time is valuable, so we strive to respond in a timely and informed manner - giving you what you need to make good decisions

Transparent - we work openly yet you can entrust us with confidential information at all times - and we share appropriate feedback and learning from our ongoing dialogue with applicants and prospective applicants

Consultative - we thoroughly screen applicants and can organise support on technical interviews e.g. around new-to-you technology - validating and advocating as you'd want us to - so you only have to talk with those who merit further consideration

Welcoming - you can run anything by us, at any stage, including as a way of getting to know us - we're always happy to meet new people and to share the learning

Authentic - in how we engage and communicate - providing a professional and authentic first impression of your organisation and aims, advocating for the best outcomes - acting as you'd want and with a human touch

Trustworthy - you'll appreciate our reasonable flat-rate fees (all customers pay the same, please just ask to see our terms), capped at a sensible amount and, if things don't work out, there's a 16-week guarantee with either a replacement hire or sliding scale refund - so you have some contingency for peace of mind

Informed and with deep empirical knowledge - you can unpack our understanding of the demographics around the Cambridge, silicon fen, Bristol, Bath and South West tech clusters, similarly across southern England - helping you to plan ahead and get it right first time

Established - you can count on our 10+ years' experience building remote-first teams, securing sought-after skills and hiring senior leadership colleagues - and with trusted organic networks that enable us to confidentially validate your early thinking

Nimble and capable - you can rely on us to deliver on technical, tech-adjacent and senior leadership hires alike - supporting you consistently across your teams and organisation


The best way of getting to know us - and for help getting unstuck - is to

have a chat and run your hiring aims by us