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About us

We offer a partnership that's built on an understanding of your needs, a positive advocacy for your best interests, and a collaborative approach that brings your plans to life.
The best way of getting a sense of our approach is to put us through our paces. You'll find us open to new concepts, to relish a challenge, and always happy to share the learning.
Please consider us a supportive resource that you can call upon at any time.
techfolk was founded in 2013. In terms of  professional bodies, we're Affiliate members of the British Computer Society and we honour the BCS code of conduct. We adhere to the Data Protection Act (reg. no. ZA084590). We're members of the Recruitment and Employers Confederation too (membership no. 00089203), adhering to the REC code of practice (our terms of business for employers are REC approved).
We look forward to working with, and for, you!
Andrew and Vittoria


Having personally worked within industry - employed at internet infrastructure, software and web providers - I offer a real world understanding of the skills, attributes and culture that enables success for the roles that we now hire into. I'm in my 15th year of hiring, 10 of which are around the South West tech cluster. For fun I'm into the great outdoors and gardening, photographycycling, world and electronic music, and curry.
I also co-organise Threads, the series of online discussions that enable founders, leaders and senior managers of tech companies to explore in conversation with their peers the factors that enable progress and growth. It's also deepening my own understanding, and it's great to hear from such a diversity of perspectives and experiences. Please do consider joining the community!
Andrew Gifford - Founder/MD and people person


Having also personally worked within industry - for start-up and growing technology vendors - I have launched relational database products, and websites. I've managed web development teams, and lead projects, I've fulfilled pre-sales and technical support roles, and I've coordinated commercial teams. I hired into my teams as a manager, and this is my sixth year in recruitment. 


I offer a practical understanding of what it takes for technical people and their colleagues to deliver well. For fun, I'm into motorbikes, loud rock music, history, food and wine - especially Italian, and ancient and modern philosophy.

Vittoria Rubino - Ops Manager and people person


Our early beginnings

We have some shared history, having worked together 10 years prior, launching a careers inspiration video website - and the friendship has lasted since. We're a good team, with complementary strengths. 

We've always taken an entirely remote approach, working from our homes in Bristol and Cambridgeshire, enjoying the productivity and flexibility this affords, plus the nice moments with family and pets.


We're proud to support founders and managers whose values we share. We'd be delighted to hear how we may support you - just let us know what you're aiming for.