techfolk's mission, story and ethics


Your guide, advocate & facilitator that encourages careers in tech to flourish & that enables startups, scaleups & progressive employers to evolve, grow & prosper 

Our story

techfolk was founded by Andrew in December 2013. He has 16+ years of experience in tech recruitment, in addition to industry experience at software and internet vendors.

In 2008 Andrew met Vittoria working together launching a non-profit startup publishing videos to inspire young people's career choices.

Vittoria joined in 2014 and was a natural - her industry experience readily transferable - becoming a foundation stone of the business.

Carrie joined in summer 2023, returning to the tech industry after starting a family.

Jon joined in autumn 2023, helping to grow the business and bringing 25+ years' tech recruitment experience, particularly around ML and AI research.

Today we're a well-regarded agency, proud of our work with such valued customer partnerships, including some who have been with us for over 10 years now!

Distinctly, we've had careers inside startups and big tech, so we understand first hand the bigger picture and nuances when helping you fathom your own career or hiring aims.

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Our ethics & environment

We strive to be inclusive, supportive and responsible in our work and in the guidance we offer.

We're signatories of the Tech Talent Charter, embracing its aims and values around upholding diversity and inclusion in practice.

We're open minded about the industries we support - notwithstanding industries such as arms, gambling/gaming, alcohol and tobacco, tax havens, fossil fuels, misinformation etc., unless the clear aim is to directly help reduce associated harms.

We're a climate neutral business. We work from our home offices which run on renewable electricity and we limit our travel.

We offset 150% of our annual emissions through Tradewater and our ambition is to eventually offset all emissions associated with the business since it was founded in 2013. 

We make regular donations to Protect Earth supporting their tree planting and biodiversity funds. Andrew is also growing c.500 British native saplings at his allotment for Protect Earth to plant in 2024.

We've always sought to support progressive employers and we aspire to making purpose and 'tech for good' a larger part of our own work. 

If you have an idea about something we can improve upon, please just let us know!