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Having personally worked within industry - employed at internet infrastructure, startup software and web providers - I offer a real world understanding of the skills, attributes and culture that enables success for the roles that we now hire into. I'm in my 16th year of hiring, 12 of which are around the South West tech cluster.

Specialisms: guiding and supporting startups, scaleups, open source, cloud & HPC systems, SaaS. Locations: UK wide, plus the Bristol and South West tech clusters.

Outside of our work, my interests and hobbies are varied; photography, film, gardening for nature, reading, podcasts, being outdoors, plus enjoying experiencing all sorts of music, food, people and cultures. I'm currently juggling a long term health condition (ME/CFS), so am greatly missing cycling, hiking, being fit and active. I'm learning about well being, breathing and nutrition as a result! I dabble on Mastodon.

Andrew Gifford - tech recruitment person and MD/founder

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I’m delighted to join techfolk having spent the last 10 years working in recruitment for big tech (Amazon and Microsoft) scaling engineering and AI/ML teams. I’ve helped grow Alexa, FireTV, Ring, Prime Air and Microsoft Research. Most recently the Microsoft AI4Science team, which is already having a hugely beneficial societal impact.

I have a passion for meeting new people and furthering their careers. In my 25+ years of recruiting I’ve helped companies from the smallest to (quite literally) the largest.

I love to spend time with my family and friends at gigs and festivals. I’m captivated by travel and technology. I’m also to be found on the badminton court and sometimes even doing yoga!

Specialisms: guiding and supporting software engineering, AI, ML, data science, startups, scaleups, senior leadership. Locations: UK wide, plus the Cambridge and London tech clusters.

Jon Langton - tech recruitment person and associate director

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