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Simon Wallington

It was refreshing to work with Andrew and techfolk, as they really took the time to understand what I wanted with my move to CTO. Rather than applying pressure, Andrew took the opposite approach and asked coaching questions to make sure I'd considered the move from all angles.

From an employer perspective, Andrew has an excellent understanding of the stage companies are at and what they are looking for with their senior hires.

It's unusual to find someone who takes such a calm and considered approach and trusts in the relationships he builds, beyond the need to fill immediate vacancies. I've stayed in touch with Andrew since and really value his insights and feedback.

Simon Wallington | CTO


Alice Sowerby

"I have known Andrew for a number of years, first as an employer and then as a candidate (both UX). I would unreservedly say that Andrew is absolutely the best recruiter I have worked with.

From the position of an employer, Andrew really listens and asks intelligent questions to get under the skin of what it is you are looking for. He uses a range of techniques to find candidates from untapped sources and has always come up trumps with fantastic hires.

As a candidate, I have found Andrew very supportive and positive, taking the time to understand what I am looking for in a role and what my unique offering is.

The thing that stands out for me is that Andrew puts in the extra mile, or 10 miles! I have never once felt that Andrew didn't have the time to talk to me, often at length and after office hours. Even at Christmas when he was on holiday!

In short, I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough, it's a pleasure to work with him."

Alice Sowerby | Developer Relations Program Director


James de Lisle

"Andrew is the best recruiter I have worked with. Highly professional and thoughtful. He assisted me through the recruitment process from start to finish, providing brilliant insights into the process and how I could best represent myself. He obviously cares deeply about you as an individual and considers your needs and desires beyond the role in question.

I cannot recommend him enough."

James de Lisle | Data Platform Architect


Thomas Toussaint"Andrew is a really fantastic recruiter. When working with him, I always felt like he was doing everything he could to help. He is extremely friendly, and is always eager to have a chat and answer any questions I had about any step in the process. He is also very quick to respond, and regularly checked in at every point of the process, so I always felt like I knew what was going on. 

Overall, I really enjoyed working with him, and felt he made a huge difference in my getting the job. It truly is a rare superpower to be able to make the hiring process a pleasant experience, and Andrew has it!"

Thomas Toussaint | Back-End & Data Engineer


María Pilar Gómez Moya

"techfolk works with very interesting companies and Andrew offers close guidance in the job hunt. He is an amazing person and an incredible professional, very technically oriented; he always knows what he is talking about. 

He guided me and offered me the best advice I could have around the companies he was working with, and also the companies I was dealing with directly - helping me prepare the CV, training for the interviews, and helping me to identify weak points. 

He has always given me continuous and friendly feedback, for all the good and not so good news. I always knew where the process was, and he will always give me the best advice, even if it involved rejecting an offer and supporting me with the job applications I was dealing with directly. I am really thankful for his help, and I will keep coming back to him as the first step when I am looking for a new job."

María Pilar Gómez Moya | Director, Operations & Engineering


Stuart Shelton

"I spoke to Andrew at a turning point in my career where I was unsure how to proceed. He gave me solid advice and feedback on where I needed to improve my skills and even though it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear at the time, it was the advice that I needed.

Following his guidance has moved me forward to where I wanted to be and I have subsequently secured my first technical role in a great company!"

Vicky Barnett | Junior Cloud Engineer


Stuart Shelton"Without a doubt the most tech-savvy, helpful, friendly, and effective recruiter I’ve ever engaged with, Andrew really takes the time to understand you as a person, where you are in life and where you want to be.

This personal touch is hugely confidence-inspiring both for candidates and recruiting companies, and I believe that his close working relationship with these companies led to a better result than I’d have achieved alone or via a less-involved mainstream recruiter.

Have a chat with techfolk - you won’t regret it!"

Stuart Shelton | AI Engineering Manager


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