Blackout Technologies

"techfolk are unlike any other recruitment agency I have known. They genuinely care about the fit of a candidate with the role and can help me shape my requirements. I used them in my previous role and reconnected when I wanted to build a team at Blackout Technologies. The candidates I interview speak highly of their experience with techfolk and those I've hired are surprised and impressed when they follow up to hear how the new role is going. They are my agency of choice." 


Blackout Technologies is a start-up infosec and compliance provider. Its proprietary technology regulates non essential smart device functionality by utilising situationally aware technologies. Blackout helps companies protect sensitive data, minimise distractions and improve productivity. Its technology will also protect school students from distracting and potentially harmful phone usage, for improved learning and safer play time. We hired cross-platform skills in native mobile app development and full-stack PHP for the integrated web application and dashboard.

Together we formed the early team that will enable Blackout to build out its core technology for customer trials and commercial growth.

David Taylor, CTOBlackout Technologies