Welcome to techfolk®

We're a software, data, technology, product and leadership focused recruitment agency, as distinct from an IT recruitment agency.
Our focus is around building engineering, data, product, design, delivery and leadership teams with tech start-ups and scale-ups. We also support a variety of maturing technology providers, non profit, and purpose-led organisations too - e.g. those adopting and developing new skills, migrating technologies, transforming or pivoting, or developing new products and services.
Having personally worked inside the technology industry, our team has first hand experience that underpins our ability to guide the people we now support.
We offer 10 years of experience and we're keen to form new partnerships and grow. We're especially interested in hearing from progressive employers on missions such as climate and green tech, renewables, sustainability, tech for good, healthcare, agri tech, supporting the public sector - anything with a net positive impact. We're equally delighted to support other sectors where there is a commitment to adding value in the way the organisation supports its people, communities and ecosystem.
You'll find us open to making new connections and happy to share the learning. We aim to be attentive, diligent and transparent in all that we do.
You are welcome to run your hiring plans and conundrums by us, including as a way of getting to know us. Or, if you're considering a career move, please apply for one of the current positions, or please register to hear about relevant new positions.
With thanks,
Andrew, Vittoria and Carrie