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Your hiring plans

You can count on techfolk to understand and fulfil your hiring plans - identifying and securing skilled people who share your values and who will be a positive addition to your team.

techfolk is proud to be part of the Bristol, Bath and South West tech cluster, and we're always happy to get acquainted and offer insights that contribute to success for the region.

We're all about supporting early stage, scale-up and maturing tech firms, including those outside of the region. Hiring developers and engineers is our bread-and-butter, and we offer an empirical and nuanced understanding of the availability of in-demand skills and resourcing options.


We offer a depth of familiarity with a variety of domains and tech ecosystems - all aspects of software, web, data science, systems and cloud-based services, for example - and all roles involved in the conception, design, build, delivery and operation of software and technology. We understand hiring for leadership too, and our natural networks may already include the person that you seek. We also have experience of hiring remote staff and can talk you through the viability and cultural considerations if this is new to your organisation.

We're used to working to fast-evolving plans and can soon validate your requirements and identify any potential blockers within the broader context. We offer familiarity from bringing together entirely new teams if you are wishing to establish a new presence in the region. Here, we can identify what best suits your target demographics, reducing the guesswork.


You may like to speak with others who've worked with us - just ask - meanwhile, here's a taste of what people are saying about our work. We'll be pleased to show our methodology, which you'll find transparent and to integrate well.

Importantly and quite different from most other recruiters, techfolk uses your employer brand openly in its communications and job adverts as this builds trust and awareness among the right communities, also generating momentum for when you're ready to bring recruitment in house. This approach works well, and can be time-boxed or undertaken on a per-vacancy basis.

We wouldn't call this 'recruitment process outsourcing' but our combination of transparency, integrated processes and collaborative cloud tools means you can be exposed to as much of the process and learning as you wish. It also leaves you free to run any direct activity in parallel.

It may be that you've inherited a recruitment process that isn't working as you'd like, and you want to get a feel for a different approach. We're happy to help review progress, to offer respectful critique and to identify fresh angles. Things may just need a tweak and you can always engage us another day.


We would love to hear of your plans and to map out how best to build upon the current team in ways that enrich your culture and bring your technology and product strategies to life.

Please get in touch and let's build a great hiring partnership.

Andrew & Vittoria