Senior Back-End Engineer: Golang

CoopHive is hiring a Senior Back-End Engineer - working with Go - to help build the decentralised compute network CoopHive, spun out of Protocol Labs, creators of IPFS and Filecoin and backed by the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

What is CoopHive?

CoopHive is an EVM-compatible two-sided marketplace for compute. This enables anyone in the world to contribute and maximise efficient use of a 'hive' of compute capacity and for anyone to consume this. A record of deals, results, and optional mediations is recorded on-chain for provenance and verifiability, with escrows and payment flows for staking and slashing.

However, the vision goes much further than just marketplaces for compute. CoopHive is building a multi-chain, multi-currency, multi-token standard generic marketplace. We are providing the base layer for autonomous agents to execute arbitrary compute and exchange real-world assets, scientists to write and read verifiable computational histories with provenance, and mechanism designers to implement custom reward logic for multi-agent systems.

With these basic market and data primitives, it is possible to construct coordination mechanisms for autonomous agents, accelerate scientific knowledge discovery with cryptoeconomic incentives, track and reward environmental restoration, and much more.

Our early team includes Levi, our CEO, a world expert in game theory for decentralised compute networks and Luke, our CTO, who had significant involvement with the development of Docker and Kubernetes. Our repo:

You'll have the opportunity to make a huge impact and create a ton of value, contributing and growing alongside really motivated colleagues.


Example early projects

  • Iterating on a series of testnets, to arrive at a mainnet
  • Using efficient blockchain technology such as IPC
  • Improving compatibility of the Go (Golang) Ethereum client
  • Adding additional AI modules to the network
  • Hackathons that scope out dApps - decentralised apps
  • Adding more nodes to the network, scaling, security
  • Enabling network go-live and live transactions
  • Supporting our drive for code quality and automation
  • Helping us shape, establish and mature our engineering practices


We're looking for

  • Someone ready to join at a senior level - this could be your first senior role - working deeply across our core technology
  • A depth of Go (Golang) and Python ability, applied to domains such as any of; blockchain, networking, distributed systems, asynchronous systems, cloud infrastructure, data science, etc.
  • Ideally some Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) programming skills using Solidity, plus some Web3 experience - but we're open to supporting your learning on the job
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes solution design and implementation
  • A solid grounding in building Linux-based distributed systems
  • A solid understanding of good coding practices including testing and peer code reviews
  • A collaborative approach, comfortable working with users and stakeholders with diverse perspectives and needs


You may also bring - or like to gain - skills such as

  • Supporting hackathons and demos, with opportunity to travel - e.g. attending the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator demo day, and global ETH events to facilitate hackathons and meet our users
  • Packaging cutting-edge AI models using Docker and making them deterministic
  • Mentoring less experienced colleagues, code reviews, etc.
  • Supporting product evangelism
  • Knowledge or an interest in security, game theory, consensus
  • Supporting our open source community


Our current stack 

Go (Golang) | Solidity | Ethereum | TypeScript, JS, Python | blockchain | Web3 | Docker | Linux


Pay/salary and benefits

  • If work as a contractor: day rate comparable to below, 6-12 month initial term
  • If join as employee: £80,000 - £110,000 joining salary - we're keeping an open mind
  • 25 days holiday, your birthday off, plus public holidays
  • Share options incentive scheme
  • Appropriate incentives for a crypto startup
  • A company that values work:life balance
  • Optional four-day week
  • Flexible working hours


About us

CoopHive is a crypto x AI seed-funded startup, building the coordination layer for the decentralised future. We were incubated at Protocol Labs as part of Project Bravo, which grew out of the necessity for an incentivisation layer on top of the Bacalhau distributed computing platform. You can read more at

Our culture embraces empowerment, with freedom to understand our business requirements and to get on and do great work. For senior engineers, we will provide a high degree of trust and autonomy, enabling you to flourish. We will provide a clear vision and champion a supportive and friendly peer group.

Our plans and ambitions may open career opportunities to grow into new responsibilities as a formative team member - e.g. greater technical responsibilities and challenges, or progression towards engineering leadership.


Location - fully remote: UK and US only if joining as employee, or GMT +/- five hours elsewhere. We get together occasionally, and we'll invite you to attend in person (fully expensed) with reasonable notice.


Hiring process - all remote: chat with recruiter; c.60 mins' discussion with Luke, followed by a fuller technical interview: for this we're happy to review your code example e.g. on GitHub, or to provide a pair programming exercise working on our repo together.


Even if your CV isn't ready, please talk with Andrew at techfolk to find out more:

0117 318 2447 | andrew[at]


Please note: for employee applications we can only consider applicants that have an established right to work in the UK or the US.


RECRUITERS: CoopHive has selected techfolk as its exclusive recruitment partner for this position and cold calling or speculative applications are not welcomed.