IT Strategy Consultant - Fintech

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We are hiring an IT Strategy Consultant, joining our Green Credit Investment program on our mission to drive sustainability practices across our operations.


Leveraging your 6+ years of expertise and a deep understanding of our Green Credit Investment Initiative, you will be responsible for shaping and executing a robust IT strategy that underpins our sustainable objectives. Your role will encompass a combination of strategic insight, technical prowess, and a profound grasp of green fintech principles.


Role responsibilities

  • You will spearhead the development and implementation of IT strategies that align with our Green Credit Investment Initiative. Your expertise will enable us to integrate sustainable practices into our fintech solutions and enhance our ecological impact

  • Leveraging your extensive experience, you will drive the design and execution of sustainable fintech projects, infusing environmental considerations into every phase of development

  • Your role will encompass analysing, selecting, and implementing technology solutions that promote sustainability within our fintech ecosystem. This includes evaluating software, hardware, and infrastructure choices through the lens of environmental impact

  • Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, you will guide the integration of green principles into our software development life cycle. This will involve advocating for practices such as energy-efficient coding, sustainable architecture, and eco-conscious design patterns

  • You will leverage your strategic acumen to identify opportunities for innovation at the intersection of fintech and sustainability. This could involve exploring blockchain for transparent eco-friendly transactions, AI-driven insights for green investment decisions, and more

  • Your responsibilities extend to evaluating and partnering with third-party vendors and technology providers who share our commitment to green fintech practices

  • Drawing from your comprehensive skill set, you will ensure that cybersecurity measures are tightly integrated into our sustainable fintech solutions. This includes implementing robust authentication, encryption, and data protection protocols

  • Collaborating with data analysts, you will develop reports and insights that measure and communicate the ecological impact and progress of our sustainable fintech projects

  • Your role involves staying updated with the latest trends in both fintech and sustainability, ensuring that our strategies remain cutting-edge and impactful


You are eligible for this role if

  • You possess a minimum of 6 years of experience in IT strategy consulting, with a strong focus on fintech and sustainable initiatives

  • Your skill set spans a diverse range of technologies and practices, including fintech solutions, sustainable software development, cybersecurity, and strategic planning

  • Your experience in fintech extends to multiple domains, such as blockchain, AI-driven solutions, digital payments, and data analytics

  • You exhibit a deep understanding of sustainable practices and their integration into technology solutions

  • Your strategic mindset enables you to navigate complex challenges and innovate at the crossroads of technology and sustainability

  • Strong communication skills empower you to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and external partners who share our green fintech vision

  • You are driven by the prospect of merging fintech innovation with environmental sustainability, and your passion for these realms drives your contributions


Salary and benefits

  • £75,000 - £80,000
  • 28 days of annual leave
  • Flexible benefits package
  • Option to buy/sell leave days
  • Carry over unused days from the previous year
  • Comprehensive private medical and dental insurance
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Emphasis on continuous learning and development
  • Participation in the bonus scheme
  • Maternal and paternal leave provisions
  • Access to a pension plan for financial security


Location: Remote from the UK

Start date: March/April


Please note: we can only consider applicants that have an established right to work in the UK