Data Engineer

We are hiring a Data Engineer specializing in Green Credit Investment. With experience in fintech, you will play a pivotal role in our mission to drive sustainable practices across our operations.


Your deep technical expertise, combined with an understanding of our green investment goals, will be crucial in building and maintaining a robust data infrastructure that supports our initiatives. Your role will encompass a blend of technical skills and a profound grasp of our green investment philosophy.


We are embarking on an exciting journey to champion sustainable and ecologically conscious practices within our organization through the Green Credit Investment Initiative. This initiative revolves around strategic investments in projects and companies aligned with our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. By dedicating resources to eco-friendly initiatives, we are not only contributing to a greener future but also positioning ourselves as pioneers of conscientious and forward-thinking endeavors.


Role responsibilities

  • You will design, construct, install, and maintain efficient and sustainable data architecture that supports our Green Credit Investment Initiative

  • By utilizing your expertise in technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and other big data frameworks, you will process, manage, and analyze vast amounts of data to extract valuable insights for our sustainable fintech projects

  • You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and implement data-driven solutions that enhance the environmental impact assessment of our investments

  • Your role will involve developing data pipelines and workflows that automate the collection, cleansing, and transformation of environmental and financial data, ensuring accuracy and reliability

  • You will create and maintain databases, ensuring data integrity, security, and accessibility for stakeholders involved in green investment decision-making.

  • Implementing data governance and privacy protocols will be essential to safeguard sensitive environmental and financial information.

  • You will collaborate with Data Scientists to develop models and algorithms that quantify and forecast the environmental outcomes of our green investment projects

  • Your work will contribute to the creation of reports and dashboards that visualize the environmental impact and progress of our sustainable fintech initiatives

  • Exploring emerging technologies and techniques in data engineering and green fintech will be crucial to maintain innovation and competitiveness


You are eligible for this role if

  • You have a minimum of 6 years of experience as a Data Engineer, with a strong focus on designing, implementing, and maintaining data solutions in a fintech or similar domain.

  • Your expertise spans a wide array of technologies, including Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL databases, ETL tools, and data warehousing solutions

  • Your proficiency in data manipulation languages and programming languages like Python or Scala enables you to create efficient data pipelines and implement data-driven solutions.

  • You possess a solid understanding of data governance, privacy regulations, and security measures, ensuring compliance and protection of sensitive data

  • Your ability to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, including Data Scientists, Analysts, and domain experts, showcases your capacity to translate business needs into actionable data strategies

  • While experience with cloud platforms like AWS is a plus, your commitment to green fintech principles is integral, reflecting your dedication to sustainable practices in technological advancements.

  • Your exceptional problem-solving skills and adaptability allow you to address complex challenges, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of data processes in a rapidly evolving green fintech landscape


Salary and benefits

  • £75,000 - £80,000
  • 28 days of annual leave
  • Flexible benefits package
  • Option to buy/sell leave days
  • Carry over unused days from the previous year
  • Comprehensive private medical and dental insurance
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Emphasis on continuous learning and development
  • Participation in the bonus scheme
  • Maternal and paternal leave provisions
  • Access to a pension plan for financial security


Location: Remote

Start date: March/April


Please note: we can only consider applicants that have an established right to work in the UK