Cybersecurity Analyst

We are hiring a Cybersecurity Analyst specializing in Green Credit Investment. You will play a pivotal role in ensuring the security and integrity of our digital infrastructure and data.


Leveraging your technical expertise and understanding of our green investment goals, you will be responsible for safeguarding our systems against cyber threats while aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Your role will involve a combination of technical skills and a deep understanding of our green investment philosophy.


We are on an exciting journey to promote sustainable and ecologically conscious behaviors within our organization through our Green Credit Investment Initiative. This initiative focuses on strategic investments in projects and companies aligned with our commitment to environmental sustainability. By channeling resources into environmentally friendly initiatives, we aim not only to contribute to a greener future but also to position ourselves as a progressive and conscientious entity.


Role responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for managing roles and permissions related to the security of our systems, ensuring that access to our sensitive data and infrastructure is secure and compliant. Utilizing your expertise in ensuring the safety of our network, you will configure and maintain firewalls to protect our digital assets and ensure a resilient environment for our projects
  • You will implement and manage systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access, including proactive identification and mitigation of potential cyber threats
  • Secure remote access will be under your responsibility, allowing remote team members to work on our projects with the necessary security measures in place
  • Conduct assessments to identify and address potential security weaknesses in our applications and infrastructure, contributing to the overall security of our projects 
  • Apply risk assessment methodologies to evaluate the potential impact of security risks on our projects, aiding in making well-informed decisions
  • You will have the opportunity to use digital forensics techniques to investigate security incidents and maintain the integrity of our data
  • Monitor and analyse security events to detect and respond to any incidents affecting our projects
  • Administer and optimize systems that provide real-time insights into the security status of our infrastructure
  • Ensure the secure transmission of data through the implementation of encryption protocols in accordance with relevant data protection regulations
  • Collaborate with industry-standard security solutions to maintain up-to-date antivirus and endpoint security measures
  • Analyse network traffic to assess potential threats and ensure the safety of our projects


You are eligible for employment with us if

  • You have 5+ years of experience as a Cybersecurity Analyst with a strong focus on securing digital environments and a commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Your understanding of green investment principles sets you apart, as you're not only focused on cybersecurity but also on its ethical implications for our environmental goals 
  • You possess a broad range of expertise in cybersecurity technologies and tools, some of which are: Cisco ASA, FortiGate, Snort, OpenVPN, FAIR, EnCase, Autopsy, Splunk and ELK Stack
  • Additionally, you have experience with ArcSight, OpenSSL, McAfee, Symantec, and Windows Defender
  • Your proficiency extends to OWASP Zap, Burp Suite, and GDPR compliance 
  • You are also skilled in NetFlow analysis and ThreatCrowd
  • You have excellent problem-solving skills and adaptability to new challenges, making you a dynamic Cybersecurity Analyst who can navigate complex scenarios with ease. Your dedication to both cybersecurity and environmental sustainability makes you a valuable asset in our organization's quest for a greener future



Location: Remote 

Role type: Contract (outside IR35)

Start date: Immediately

Duration: 5 months initially

Daily rate: £450-£475


Please note: we can only consider applicants that have an established right to work in the UK